Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking in the beauty this morning........

AWWWW...........the first day of Spring Break! I sat with my cup of coffee reading my first copy of "Souvenir" online Gazette by Heather Bullard. Her blog is beautiful and inspiring! Then, I look at all the fun the girls are having at "Brave Girl Camp" with Melody Ross........oh, how I hope one day to attend! I am taking an online mixed media art workshop with Christy Tomlinson! My computer has been giving me fits with my upload speed, so I have not even started on my first SheArt Girl yet, but have been jotting down my ideas! I have been soul searching for some time now. You know, I have really decided that I need to follow my heart. My wish is to inspire others, have pride and confidence in myself, make time for art everyday AND spend more quality time with my boys. Time just flies by so quickly. So, as I get ready to go to work for a little while this morning, I choose to let Lesley Riley's words of wisdom sink down in my soul! The sun is warm and it is a truly gorgeous day! I choose to believe in the possibilities today! Hope you have a beautiful one!

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