Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Treasures" Necklaces

Here is my new heart! I am going to be offering custom made necklaces made from YOUR treasures. The first of these were made for myself from my mother's jewelry and other components added "Rustic Faith"and also from some things I found in my cedar chest that were my grandfather's "A Tribute to Grandpa". The third was made for a friend from her mother's and father's treasures she had. Please contact me if you are interested in me making a special piece for you. I can use most anything. Hope you like the concept as much as I do. I love things from the past, but wouldn't it be nice to have it put together so that it isn't just lying in the drawer or cedar chest?


Traci said...

Girl, you are getting so good at this jewelry stuff!! I love it!! Oh, thanks for the shout out!! I was laughing when I saw the title...calling me OLD or what? Then I had to read it.... :) Love ya! said...


I LoVE your concept of putting together family memories with vintage treasures. WOnderful idea..good luck in this endeavor.
Please keep posting pictures!