Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adorable gifts

I am finally getting around to posting a picture of the gifts I won from Tami over at
Her packaging was just perfect down to the cute tissue paper with birds nests and cages! Go check out her blog! Thanks Tami!

Kari - using the patina! Her bracelets came out in cool titanium colors!

Pam - pounding her spoon out on the anvil from my father in-law.

Here is a few pictures from my little bracelet making class! The girls were really getting into their work!!! Casey showed me how to use the torch. I have lucked out and didn't need to use mine yet!


Tami said...

So glad you like it.....
Looks like lots of fun going on over at your home!!

Have a great weekend!!

Traci said...

KEWL!!! I want to make one....might be hard to bring the anvil in July, huh?