Friday, March 6, 2009

Up and at up at 5:00 am

This is the new Uppercase Living quote I have in my laundry room. If it would not scare all of you I would post a picture of how true this really is! I honestly think that the pile grows on it's own. I do a load and then there is two more, never making headway. Is there a light at the end of the pile? Let's just say, TGIF so that I can hopefully see the bottom of the basket once again, if only for half an hour! If you haven't ever seen Uppercase Living expressions you can visit my website (yes, I am still doing direct sales on the side) there are some fun and beautiful quotes.


Traci said...

Sheesh....wouldn't show me the word verification thingie so I could post a comment!!! Ok, have a, start posting!!! I'll put you on my sidebar!!! Welcome to blogland!

Catherine said...

I love that quote! And how true~the more laundry I do the more It seems to multiply!:) I'm a big quote person, I stick them on my mirror, refrigerator, greenhouse & potting shed,& inspiration board, I will have to check out your upper case living~ I love the idea of being able to put your favorite quote on the wall!
Wonderful site~And welcome to blogging! You have a beautiful site~love the layout!
Thanks so much for your visit!
Enjoy your day!